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Shijiazhuang Anming Daily Necessities Co., Ltd (SYCO) has been making constant efforts and commitment to its products’ quality, service and environmental protection by more investment on scientific researches and new product’s development so as to keep on its increasing market share while improving the living standard of the people.

1.All of SYCO’s leather care products have their unique formulas, in which high proteins have been carefully selected. Therefore, they have better functions than traditional products such as better care, better leather softening, better anti-static, smaller dosage and longer duration, and what is more, better to environmental protection. These products include Rhino® Brand Color-free & Waterproof shoe polish, Leather Instant Cream, and Sunbird® Aromatic & Instant Shoe Polish and Leather Cream.

2.SYCO has added a precise amount of AES and other non-chemical ingredients to its Wonder® Colorless & Fragrant Detergent and thus makes it have much stronger detergency, spend less washing time, better protect your hands and the laundry when washing your clothes. And it has no chemical composition of phosphorus and aluminum etc. What is more, we have added easily-biodegradable-compositions that not only avoid harming the environment, but also facilitate people's life.

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