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Wonder Brand -- Colorless Aromatic Detergent (500G)


The product is made with a unique formula which includes variety of active cleansing compositions, decontamination synergists, lavender sachet/powder, water softeners, bright color factors etc after years of researches and studies on the same kind of detergents in order to correct the old traditional ones’ shortcomings and to update the washing functions and effect and better protect both the laundry and washing hands. The product is in use of its own foam control technology and it is of neutral PH value. The solution is highly concentrated but is of low viscosity and instant dissolution. Therefore, it has the wonderful functions of deep cleansing, less use of water and no residues on the laundry. When you use this product, you will find that you can make your laundry much cleaner and the color much brighter. The product has no aluminum and phosphorus compounds so it has no harm to the environment. The product can be applied to washing all kinds of materials laundry, such as cotton,linen, silk, wool, synthetic and blended fibers etc. It has the following characteristics:Longer fragrant duration on laundry More powerful and depth cleansing with AES.Less dosage, better effect and having ≧18% solid content. No dyestuff, no influence on clothes color and eco-friendly and celahlahfalfing less dosage.

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Product code :  YG1210
Standard :  QB/T 1224-2007
Color :  olorless
One piece :  500G
Ctn quantity :  12 bags/ctn (see the picture)
20’ container :  1035ctns
Packing :  export ctn
Ctn net w. :  5.8KG
Ctn gross w. :  6.8KG
Ctn meas. :  365mm×250mm×235mm