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Rhino Brand -- Shoe-Care Polish


The product is made from carefully selected leather-care proteins, lanolin, fine waxes, decontaminating agents and anti-static agents etc. The product has the multi-functions of decontamination, instant shining, moisture-proof, water-proof, refreshing the color, softening and nourishing the leather. It can not only be applied to leather shoes and boots, but also to leather coats, leather sofas, leather gloves and other leather products. You just spend a minute and it will be able to make your shoes or boots a great gloss. What is more, it can also cover the scuffs on the shoes and restore your shoes into the original eye-catching state.

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Product code:  YG1201
Standard :  QB/T 1466-2007  
Color :  colorless, brown & black  
One piece :  30G net  
Ctn quantity :  160pcs/ctn 
20’ container :  946ctns  
Packing :  export ctn  
Ctn net w. :  6.7KG
Ctn gross w. :  7.7KG
Ctn meas. :  425mm×290mm×240mm