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Dayu Tree

Published:2011-3-20 18:32:58  Hits:2174

A special tree called “Dayu Tree” was planted today, in front of which a stone bench was erected on the south side of the enterprise courtyard / compound in memory of Mr. Dayu Wen, the second production leader (2004-2010), for his outstanding contributions to the good management of the enterprise according to the resolution reached on the board of directors’ meeting in the end of the year of 2010. This means that his spirit is like the tree growing together with the factory, and he is still in the heart of the staff working there.
On the front of the bench backrest was carved with Mr Wen’s achievements and deeds to the enterprise. It is one of the enterprise culture concept or idea to remember the senior staffs that had made his contributions to the enterprise and to educate and encourage the new successors or new comers to enhance and glorify their fine traditions.

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