1. Can your shoe polish be used for leather furniture, cases, bags and other leather products? 
Yes, generally speaking. You can use our shoe polish products to protect your leather products, but you should pay attention to choose the right color and a test should be done on a corner of the your leather products to see if the color matches your products or if it can reach the effect you want.

2. Can your shoe polish be used on wood furniture?
Better not, for the surface color of your wood furniture may change because of the absorption of the shoe polish.

3. Do your products have any harmful effects on human skin?
No, they do not cause any reactions or irritation. If there is any stain on your skin, just wash it away with water and soap.

4. How to clear the shoe polish strain?
If something (your clothes, carpets etc) is stained, please clear it as soon as possible according to the materials in a soft cloth or some tissue, or if possible, clean it with some wet cloth and soap. Do not let the strain dry.

5. How long is the shelf life of your products?
Three year. But the actual validity is much longer.

6. What is the correct procedure in polishing?
First brush and wipe the debris and dirt on your shoes or boots, then remove the shoelaces, then apply a suitable dosage of shoe polish or cream evenly with a brush or soft cloth, and when the applied polish or cream nearly dries, simply buff your shoes or boots to glossing state.
(Please remember your brush is better a natural bristle one when you buff them)
7. Is there any other convenient way to protect my leather shoes?
Yes, you can choose one of SYCO's products ---- Instant Shine Shoe Polish and Liquid Shoe Polish. Just clear the dirt and debris, and then apply this polish evenly to your shoes, and it can restore the original color and make the shoes shining in no time without buffing.

8. How to store leather shoes and boots?
A. If you want to store the shoes for over one month, you'd better put suitable shoe trees in the shoes. This can keep the shoes in good shape. And if you can not find shoe trees, please be sure to find some newspapers and make the papers in a shoe tree shape and stuff them into the toes cap.
B. Don't let your leather shoes/boots exposed to direct heat or hot sunshine.

9. How to make my shoes brighter and better protected?
If time permits, after applying some polish on your shoes, put the shoes near a hot stove or hot place (if in winter) or under the direct sunshine, for a while, then buff them, they will not only shine more brightly but also better protect the shoes.

10. If I want to wear a new pair of leather shoes, how can I treat them?
Good question!
You are strongly recommended to apply a little more dosage of paste kind of polish on the shoes one day before you are going to wear, and do not buff them until the next day when you are going to wear. This can soften the leather and better protect your expensive shoes. What is more, this can make you feel more comfortable when you wear them.


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