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Our History

Shijiazhuang Anming Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. (SYCO) comes from Shijiazhuang Xiniu Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., which was founded in the year 2000. In the past years, the company has been continuously making its commitment to scientific researches and the development of new products so as to improve people’s living standard and better protect the environment. SYCO today has had the most advanced production equipment, full set of laboratory test instruments, first class production technique and high quality products nowadays in this line.

1.In the year 2000, Shijiazhuang Xiniu Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. was founded.
2.In the year 2001, the quality control department was set up and more investment was put into researches and products development.
3.In the year 2003, Rhino® Brand Leather Instant Cream was successfully developed.
4.In the year 2004, Sunbird® Brand Aromatic Instant Shoe polish was successfully developed.
5.In the year 2006, Rhino® Brand Smell-free & Waterproof Shoe Polish was successfully developed.
6.In the year 2009, Shijiazhuang Xiniu Daily Necessities Co., Ltd was changed into the name of Shanghai Yangao Daily Necessities Co., Ltd 
   (SYCO)  because of the enlargement of shares and more investment into the company.
7.In the year 2010, Wonder® Brand Colorless & Fragrant Detergent was successfully developed with latest technology and production processes.

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